Thursday, February 24, 2011

daddy daughter dance

These are just random...a good night at the McWhorter house watching Wipeout (above) and Max in penguin hat and "pack pack" ready to go.
So I would not have put makeup on the 6 yr. old had they not been offering it at the dance. We of course didn't make an appointment in time, but I knew that she would want it if other girls were wearing it...BUT, when I finished getting her ready- it was the way she was looking at hewrself in the mirror that prompted this pre- date scripture reading :) (she did look beautiful!)

She LOVED it! Of course there are no pictures from the vent seeing as it was Kap who took her and not her mom :)

Saturday, January 29, 2011

Michelle Patterson House Concert

It was great having these guys at our house- a beautiful night!

Friday, January 7, 2011

Michelle Patterson

These guys are doing a house concert at our house Jan 25th!!! So excited! Contact me if you are interested. Quantcast

Thursday, January 6, 2011

Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Tis The Season...

Joy and J.D.
Dan and Aunt Brenda
Julie, Jason and the coveted stag
Mom, Grandmommie and Great Grandmommie
everybody...except some sorely missed cousins

When a marker is procured it goes straight to the face!
Camille sleeping...Grandad soaking
lovely Aunt Angie
oh so cool
a duet
Camille loves Aunt Angie and loves fighting with Uncle Chris.
the big handsome boys in plaid
the clan

the lovely Laynes
the kids "enthralled" by the Christmas story
Jason and his ladies
The Grands...and Julie
beautiful cousins...let's hope they are more sweet than their moms :)
...a fit...more of a protest really
Max loves Great G.'s walker!
Honey (Karen) hoping to make it onto the Toms sight
Ready for Santa
big boy with little presents

Max mad about something
The McWhorter clan
love it! (Cash is probably reading that book :)
4, 6, and 6 going on 16!!!
there it is...the big one!
little Elmo pilots
beautiful Nanny after Ashley,s scarf tutorial
Conn and Ashley...mad about something they didn't get :)
no wonder the boy is a looker!